I’ve had a theory for a long time that as years pass and we look back on our personal history and at the people and events that have come and gone in our lives, we develop something I call compressed remembrance. It’s a feeling that something that occurred many years before happened only yesterday. Time… Continue reading Memories


Woody the Lion and Me, A St. Paddys Day tale

It's the eve of St. Paddy's Day 2018, in the most Irish town in America, Boston, and what better day to have an eve (small e) on than a Friday depending on the Eve (capital E) any day could be a fine one. And so, I have decided to tell you a story, an Irish… Continue reading Woody the Lion and Me, A St. Paddys Day tale


Once upon a time As the story is told we happened Knowing our love would never grow old No Soft-spoken whispers Just cries of longing Taking each other by storm For once feeling like belonging In all our desperate cries Of yearning We knew our time Would not last for long For like the summers… Continue reading Longing

From the Shores of Styx, The Unbroken Circle.

­ A baby cries from The shores of Styx A child cries from the darkness Of a ghetto A baby cries And a child cries A mother cries As a father dies A war starts Jobs end House is lost A father dies The child grows The child says why But the man knows Like… Continue reading From the Shores of Styx, The Unbroken Circle.

The Rust Belt Rattled

This was first written and published one year ago today. Well, the Make America Gasp Again campaign is over. It ended in a night of shock and awe-my-God as Donald Trump walked all over the prognosticator's predictions as they watched their nice little map of blue states and red states fall to pieces like the… Continue reading The Rust Belt Rattled

The Real, The Unreal, The Unexplained.

Boston, Massachusetts, one of the oldest cities in the United States, was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England. Just north of Boston along the jagged coastline and unpredictable currents of the Atlantic Ocean, hidden someplace between the old Boston lighthouse and your imagination, is a place called Rambling Harbor.… Continue reading The Real, The Unreal, The Unexplained.

The Ken Burns/Lynn Novick Documentary on the Vietnam War: The Untold Story  

I almost never watch anything that runs more than an hour except for a movie or a football game. If I can’t see it in one viewing, then I’m likely to not be wherever I need to be when the next part of whatever it was becomes available for watching. But I made an exception… Continue reading The Ken Burns/Lynn Novick Documentary on the Vietnam War: The Untold Story  

Just Thinking, October 10th 2017 

About baseball, a sport I played a lot in high school and a smidge in college and as a young man I really looked forward to watching the New York Mets, now come on Boston! I grew up on Staten Island and it’s a hell of a lot better than the Yankees. In their 1962… Continue reading Just Thinking, October 10th 2017 


It will be easy for some people, likely many people to think I’m re-posting this in a see I told you so manner and on some level, that may be true.When I first published it I got a lot of grief about it from people saying I was defending a thug, a gang member, and… Continue reading Heroes

Certain People

So many fronts on the battlegrounds of dumb and dumber, which one this hour,  as the carousel horses spin backward, and the orange-colored clown breaks every rule known to his government and everyone dangles on some uncertain trapeze suspended high above the Big Top, called DC. The clown is now the Ring Master. And without… Continue reading Certain People


I’ve spent two months mostly alone, sometimes hovering between fight-and-flight and self-evaluation, and this blog will barely scrape the surface. I’m not sure where my blogs will go from here or if I will do them every week, but for starters, I want to thank everyone for the good wishes and help before my surgery… Continue reading Thoughts

All the News That Wasn’t

Breaking News: King Rump believes that terrorists have commandeered the carousel at the Coney Island amusement park and are making the ponies run in circles. Furthermore, he says a Giant Ape is assaulting his Rump in New York, the Towers, that is.  And in Sweden, Sweden of all places, Sweden!  people are so poor they… Continue reading All the News That Wasn’t