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A Little Piece Of Blue

The sun sets west of me

And if the light is just right

It cast a little piece of blue across the sky

Disappearing beyond the tress like you

Just west of me

You left to go not far

From where I started

Sitting on the White House lawn

Surrounded by unrest

And waiting for arrest

To a Stool in a cheese shop

Seeking rest

Drifting away

Worlds from anything I had ever known

Floating on a vagabond’s ship of memories

Attempting an even keel

And then

You Softly interrupting with

May I have a little piece of blue

I need to tell you before the sun sets

In the west one last time

And while the light is just right

Sometimes I miss those days

Thank you for a little piece of blue.


For What They Bring.

I love old things

For what they bring

Memories of those that touched them

And now are gone.

They loved them long before

My name was known,

Then they touched me

And now are gone.

The pain wounds the heart

But I still love old things

For what they bring.